When is it time to replace the old mattress?

Today, unlike the products that were once made, mattresses are made to last a lifetime, or at least that’s what they tell us a lot of publicity. In truth, even the mattresses have a duration, which varies from 8 to 10 years. The body changes with the passage of time and, therefore, the mattress that is perfect today may no longer be in a decade.

In addition, these products are “containers” of dust, mites, fungi, germs and molds, which can lead to serious health problems, even to the appearance of new allergies. In this regard, anti-mite, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and ecological coatings help to make this floor of rest ideal also from a hygienic point of view: discover how to eliminate mites from the bed thanks to natural remedies! So, if your mattress is 10 years or more old, it’s time to get rid of it. Do not you know if the moment has arrived? Here are some signs that suggest that the time has come to change the mattress

Important that it is also hypoallergenic, better if removable

Finally, the cheek must be chosen with the utmost caution: for a correct safety it is good to have an anti-suffocation pillow, on whose surface there are holes through. Once the baby bed is over, it is advisable to switch to a bed with a traditional mattress: this is because children grow up quickly and a smaller mattress would be a temporary solution only. Buy a good mattress today at best Memorial Day mattress sales.

Which mattress is right for me?

First of all, that the model you are evaluating for your bed is provided with a guarantee and endowed with the Quality Mark of the Consortium of Italian Manufacturers of Quality Mattresses (because it certifies that the mattress has undergone quality and duration tests). Then, of course, you have to try it.

The ideal is to lie on it for at least ten minutes, in a supine and relaxed position, so that you can verify that between our lumbar area and the mattress there is enough space to pass a hand (it should pass with difficulty, otherwise it means that the mattress is too hard). Finally, you must try to roll from side to side (if you cannot easily, it means that the mattress is too soft). It is always advisable to test at least 3-4 different models of mattresses, staying on each for about 10 minutes in the position where you usually sleep. In this way, we can verify that the comfort offered to us is really the most suitable for our body and our (good) sleep.