Benefits of Choosing the Best Mattress

Need Tips For Choosing Your Mattress? This is a frequent question and the answer is simple. In this video we will help you evaluate the need to change your best mattress for bad back.

When to Change

Products over 5 years of use can cause bedtime discomfort beyond the accumulation of dust and mites, which damages the respiratory system and results in allergic diseases.

What Indicators

Torn fabric, dark spots and unpleasant smells are also indicators of product exchange. These observations reveal that there is a proliferation of microorganisms in your mattress that harm you during sleep.

Tips on How to Choose Your Mattress

It is always good to observe the biotype table for the right purchase of foam mattresses. According to your weight and height is indicated a correct density for your mattress, regardless of the extent of the bed.

Spring mattresses are classified as soft, medium or firm, the density will depend on the type of spring used. It is important to note this aspect as it will greatly influence the comfort and durability of your bed.

What Are the Benefits of a New Mattress?

The benefits are numerous and give more safety to your spine, quality of life, respiratory health and well being. On average you will spend 25 years of your life on a mattress; this time needs to be pleasant with comfort and prioritizing your rest.

The dimensions of the mattress should also be observed. It should accommodate both the width and the length of the entire body comfortably, whether for an occupant or two. Finally, choosing the ideal mattress should also take into consideration the level of comfort that the spring mattress offers, which can be: soft, intermediate or firm.

Whether it’s bagged or bonnel springs, the important thing is that the spring mattress chosen suits the needs of the wearer and allows a comfortable night’s sleep. Are you ready to choose the right model for you? Check out our online store and see the options!

Spring mattresses are divided into two categories: bonnel springs or bagged springs. The difference between the two is that while one has the springs interlaced and covered by a layer of foam, the other, as the name already says, has the springs bagged one by one, which makes it more stable and steady.